Mitchell & Mary’s Modern Asheville Wedding

Mitchell & Mary’s modern Asheville wedding wedding took place on a perfect day last Spring at Crest Pavilion. These two met while they were both in College at Georgia Tech. Later on Mitchell would take Mary to the roof of a building at Georgia Tech (where he asked her on their first date) to ask her to be his wife.The couple knew they wanted to get married in Asheville, North Carolina. They had spent their college years traveling here from Atlanta for weekend getaways. As a result of this, it was a perfect half-way point between their families in Washington D.C. and Florida. The style of their wedding brought together their modern and whimsical tastes, set against the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains.

I recently got to see Mary and Mitchell at their friend’s wedding at Biltmore (side note, look for that blog soon). I loved seeing the two of them together, settled into married life and still blissfully in love. They were leaving the next day for Spain to celebrate their first anniversary. Mitchell gushed over his wife, her accomplishments and how she was way smarter than him. Mary beamed as she laughed at Mitchell’s jokes and how he kept her grounded. I do not often get to see the couples at other people’s weddings, so this was amazing. We reminisced about the “old days” and celebrated the new ones. I truly adore these two.  I hope you enjoy their story and photos as much as I do.

2019-06-26_0001.jpg 2019-06-26_0002.jpg 2019-06-26_0004.jpg 2019-06-26_0003.jpg 2019-06-26_0005.jpg 2019-06-26_0007.jpg 2019-06-26_0009.jpg 2019-06-26_0010.jpg 2019-06-26_0011.jpg 2019-06-26_0012.jpg 2019-06-26_0013.jpg 2019-06-26_0014.jpg 2019-06-26_0015.jpg 2019-06-26_0016.jpg 2019-06-26_0006.jpg 2019-06-26_0017.jpg 2019-06-26_0018.jpg 2019-06-26_0019.jpg 2019-06-26_0020.jpg 2019-06-26_0037.jpg 2019-06-26_0036.jpg 2019-06-26_0024.jpg 2019-06-26_0026.jpg 2019-06-26_0023.jpg 2019-06-26_0025.jpg 2019-06-26_0027.jpg 2019-06-26_0038.jpg 2019-06-26_0022.jpg 2019-06-26_0028.jpg 2019-06-26_0029.jpg 2019-06-26_0030.jpg 2019-06-26_0033.jpg 2019-06-26_0031.jpg 2019-06-26_0032.jpg 2019-06-26_0034.jpg 2019-06-26_0035.jpg 2019-06-26_0040.jpg 2019-06-26_0043.jpg 2019-06-26_0042.jpg 2019-06-26_0039.jpg 2019-06-26_0045.jpg 2019-06-26_0047.jpg 2019-06-26_0046.jpg 2019-06-26_0048.jpg 2019-06-26_0049.jpg 2019-06-26_0050.jpg 2019-06-26_0051.jpg 2019-06-26_0052.jpg My many, many thanks to all the amazing people I collaborated with to make this happen! Planning: Two Sweet Sparrows / Photographer: Angela Stott / Floral: Stacey at Bloom Room / Venue: Crest Pavilion / Hair: Lola Salon / Make-up: Heather Smith / Cakes: 50/Fifty The Art of Dessert / Ceremony Music: Allegro / Reception Music: Mr. Potato Head / Wedding Dress: Pedram Couture/ Bride’s Shoes: Stuart Weitzman / Groom’s Tux: Suit Supply / Rings: Erstwhile / Paper: Paper Dance

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