Photo Credit: Two Ring Studios

Reasons to Hire a Planner

Your event should be a pleasure, not a process – A professional planner’s job is to take away the stress and worry of the details so that you can enjoy your special day. I will be there for you and your guests, ensuring everyone and everything is in place. Your job is to say “I do,” dance, laugh, and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Personalized Assistance – Some locations may offer a coordinator or banquet captain the day of your event, this is not the same as a professional planner. A venue’s coordination services typically ensure that details related to the facility are covered. I will be there to make sure everything is perfect – from making sure everyone knows where to be that day to when to have your items packed and ready to go at the end of the event.

Details & Design – Take advantage of my over ten years of event planning expertise to provide design ideas and resources to make your vision real. Not sure how to word something, where someone should sit, where is the perfect location to celebrate or where to stay? Many of those details that make your event unique can be left to me. Asheville is known for it’s destination weddings, beautiful settings, and talented vendors. Let my experience in events help you decide the right vendors for you.

Budgeting – Weddings are in investment. I can help you find the right vendors and the perfect venue while making sure you get the best value for your budget. It is difficult to choose what and who works best for your style. I will work to understand your expectations and find those people and places that will best bring your ideas to life.

Mediator/Peacekeeper – Planning a wedding or event can be a little stressful. With so many options and so many opinions, my job is not just to be there to make sure an itinerary is followed or tablecloths are the right color. I am also there to help navigate sticky situations, lend a neutral ear, be a calming presence, and ensure that your event stays true to your vision.

Timeline – The day of your event is an exciting one. You should not have to worry yourself making sure everyone will get to the event on time or if the caterers know when to cut the cake. I will be there to make sure everyone knows where to go, when to be there, and what is expected so you can just enjoy your day.